Carolyn Carpeneti delivers inspiring and actionable keynote talks that drive meaningful outcomes worldwide. Carolyn blends deep, real-world experience with a magnetic stage presence to help people and organizations thrive. Her energizing, entertaining approach perfectly balances her practical, results-focused messages. Every talk is customized to drive the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories, memorable visuals, and practical techniques that push audiences in fresh, innovative directions.


How can parents prepare their smart but absent minded child for college? How can educators support the brilliant student who does well on tests but can’t remember to bring his homework to class? How can a nation improve its dismal graduation rates?

Experts now agree that the alarming high college dropout rate is directly related to weak “executive function” – a set of mental processes that help individuals plan, organize, strategize, pay attention to and remember details, and manage time and space.

In her talk, Carolyn demonstrates how executive function plays a critical role in whether a student succeeds or fails. She shares her innovative methodology and offers solutions that have been met with great success by families and institutions.

Additionally, Carolyn reveals why embedded philosophies in traditional and outdated teaching approaches can create even greater obstacles for students. She explains how the technology used in high schools and colleges is not serving the needs of students and, in many cases, is setting students up for failure.

Carolyn shares her personal story about the enormous challenges she and her son have faced throughout his young life. She confronts the shock of discovering that her child had a series of learning differences and details how she paved a path for her son that involved years of intervention; advocating through a complex educational system; and living, loving and laughing. Carolyn speaks with an open heart about her son’s struggles and explains how she influenced those who thought he would never succeed. Above all, she shares insight on the power of never giving up.
Success is all about facing obstacles and embracing change. In this talk, Carolyn reveals how she overcame the challenges of growing up in a poor, turbulent, often violent household and forged ahead embracing every transition life threw her way, including the violent death of both her parents during her teenage years. Carolyn shares her personal “against all odds” journey that eventually lead to her becoming a successful entrepreneur, starting and running 3 successful companies. Carolyn shares compelling stories that demonstrate how to turn the darkest obstacles into stepping-stones on the journey to something better. She offers powerful tools and strategies that teach us to stop operating on default by embracing the power of transition to open up choices and ultimately fill our world with purpose and happiness.


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