What Exactly is Common Core and Will it Work?

Common Core is a new set of standards spelled out, grade by grade, that specify specific reading and math skills that students should have as they go from kindergarten through high school. These new standards are considered more rigorous because they require students to not only memorize information, but also apply critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning to what they have learned.   Continue reading “What Exactly is Common Core and Will it Work?”

What is Executive Function?

Executive function is a set of specific skills that helps us to stay organized and manage our time. Executive function enables us to make plans, keep track of the tasks at hand, including when they need to be done, and make educated estimates about how long tasks will take to complete. It enables us to break big tasks into a manageable series of little tasks. In simplest terms, executive function is in charge of making sure things get done. Because executive function affects working memory, it controls one’s ability to understand cause and effect. Continue reading “What is Executive Function?”