The Author

Carolyn Carpeneti is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. Most importantly, Carolyn is a mom and the creator of CoPilot™, a remarkable system that helps high school and college students—including her son—succeed in school. The CoPilot™ System tackles the issue of weak executive function and is a key tool in guiding youths to achieve their full academic potential.
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The Speaker

Carolyn Carpeneti brings insight, compassion and solutions to families and institutions struggling to support their students. Read more

The Book

Executive function is the magic ingredient that gives us the ability to plan and organize, manage time, initiate action, and achieve goals—skills that don’t often develop until our late teens and mid-twenties. Author Carolyn Carpeneti presents the issue of executive function in a clear, accessible, and relatable manner and chronicles her step-by-step approach to support her son to fulfill his dreams and achieve success far beyond what many people expected. Read more


Looking for ways to support weak executive function, and help your children or students succeed? Carolyn offers weekly advice and resources.